We believe a travel agency should always endeavor to understand their destinations better. So many services can be provided other than just flight and hotel booking. 

We have experts in team skilled with vehicle modifications, route plan, rescue and logistics support. All the expedition leaders had their unique specialties in different territory. Our refined working pattern ensure the knowledge and experience accumulated being well utilize.

Collaborate with destination professionals, we can serve you fresh local harvest cooked by award winning chef inside a well-preserved medieval castle standing beside Scotland coast. We also able to provide you the proper vehicle speed and tire pressure data, while you drive across the ice sheet of Antarctic Plateau, in both metric & imperial. Then cook you a tasty nutritious dinner after tent setup.

We willing to share our decades of experience in offroad expeditions with you, or we can assist you to pre-arrange everything, then quietly accompany you throughout the entire trip, step forward only on emergencies.

We have pre-planned family friendly offroad self-drive trip, at same time we keep the craziest plan in our mind which only can be done by elite adventurers. After we learn more about your conventions and appetite, all of our trip can be bespoke for you and your friends or families.

Offworld Travel Services is not just a licensed travel service provider headquartered in Beijing, China, It is also your qualified adventure travel companion.